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Notable Clients
Take a look at our projects, from small independents to feature films.

The Taking of Pelham 123
Terminator Salvation
These 2 films have US Computamatch's Dailies Creation Service (DCS) in common.  Pelham 123 dailies were created at our NYC location and Terminator Salvation dailies were taken care of by LA.  The rock solid database created through Sommerware System Software allowed Editorial to concentrate on the creative.
1 & 2
More than meets the eye!  Again! US Computamatch LA worked tirelessly for the past 3 years to provide Dailies Creation Service (DCS) for both of these Summer Blockbusters, past and future!  Once US Computamatch created a flawless Film Database with SommerWare Systems software, "Transformers" was 'all systems go' for a smooth DI workflow at Company 3, Los Angeles.  VFX, 65mm, IMAX, Narrative, Trailer, Promotional, Foreign, DVD;  all Film Data was managed by US Computamatch LA.
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3
This highly successful trilogy is not the only one SommerWare Systems Software has helped tame!  (See LOTR below.) The second and third installments utilized our Dailies Creation Service.  Again, assuring a frame accurate database that made the DI process smooth sailing!
Deja Vu
Tony Scott's time-traveling sci-fi noir utilized a multitude of camera angles and formats. All dailies were created and data collected (CDS) at US Computamatch's Santa Monica (LA) location.  Working closely with the editing team on a daily basis allowed for all angles to be covered simultaneously and complex scenes could be edited on a rolling basis.  "Et laissez les bon temps rollez!"   
Underworld 2: Evolution
Shot in both 3 perf and 4 perf formats, US Computamatch was able to easily address all scanning and conforming requirements using the SommerWare Systems Software.
The Lord of the Rings
Did you know that the entire Film Database for "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy was collected and stored with SommerWare Systems software? Over 4 million feet of negative was shot for the 3 films! Talk about unlimited capacity! The data was progressively collected over 3 years at Upperdeck in Wellington, New Zealand.

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No matter how you started, or how you need to finish a project - we have the system that has stood the test of time and will give you exactly what you want – while saving time and money - that's what we call 'Service'.